Kimoiii— What’s with
      that gross look on
      your face? Stop that

                  With his head cantered off to the side, Midousuji stared towards this other; his mouth agape. The creepy vibe he gave off was quite obvious to most others, but he seemed to be completely unaware of it. Lurching forward a bit, the boy remained at the very edge of what one might consider personal space. Such a concept was completely lost on Midousuji when it came to the comfort of others. Not that he cared much anyway.

                                                       ❝ It’s creepy

"Ki…moi?" The unrecognized phrase was parroted back, an unfamiliar term in a language he couldn’t yet comprehend. A solitary stride was taken in the opposing orientation of the stranger to repose an interval, discontent countenance persistent at the disparage.

"What are you talking about?" The reaper instantaneously accused after an expeditious recovery, interest concealed behind a guarded tone. Pensive aureate scrutinize perused up to him, meticulously appraising his divergent anatomy before discerning his abnormal physiognomy. Sharp remarks were bit back, his manner a tense politeness.

"Ay there, Mr. Black n' Broodin'. Hope ya don't mind me droppin' by without an invitation."


"…I’m not particularly bothered by your presence, but I’d prefer you address me by my name. I am Death the Kid."

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people in the soul eater fandom are like “I like to think of Crona as a boy so I can ship him with Maka” or “Crona’s a girl so I can ship her with Kid” like fantastic nonbinary erasure and homophobia all in one


                  “Really? ‘Cause — I mean, weeeell… there’s short, and then there’s you.” Actually, being six-foot-one, the Doctor really didn’t have much room to talk about short people. That said, it certainly didn’t stop him. If anything, he was talking merely because he could, needling at the boy simply because he wanted to. 

                  “D’you know— I’ve met loads of people sufferin’ from dwarfism, in my time. Nothing to be embarrassed about.” 

"There are people who are shorter than I am," he objected further, irked features advancing into a slight glare. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t acknowledged lacking of stature in the past—his father was constantly towering, especially compared to him. "I realize I’m not extraordinarily tall, but I’m not the shortest, either."

"I don’t exactly understand why my height is of your concerns, anyway."

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⊰♛⊱ —— It was a look of determination that lit her
                      features, brows creased in concentration.
                      Her legs ached and she couldn’t help but
                      wonder how long they had been running
                      for. What seemed like ages could’ve equaled
                      only minutes.

                                    Look, I don’t know what
                                      the hell that was, but it’ll
                                      get away if we don’t hurry!

"—Damn it,” he hissed back, frustration apparent in his tone while annoyance marked his attributions. Swift pace didn’t cease, matching her’s evenly in a light sprint to keep track on the target. A thin limb extended forward, palm facing the ground as a pool of cloud-like skulls leaked from his steady hand.

The reaper rushed to mount the board, streams of pink emerging from Beelzebub’s jets. It would be unprofessional to abandon an individual with an enemy nearby—he reached towards the woman, silently urging her to get on or get lost.



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           —…That some interesting hair you got there.

"…I’m aware of my stripes.”